Neubrite Kingdom

Premier Minecraft Server since 2013


The Neubrite Kingdom (NK) is a minecraft server that allows friends to come together and chill while playing a game that we all enjoy. NK does not have to be limited to mincraft though, we are very much open to other games we could play as a group as well. NK is not just a youtube server but it does not discourage recording in anyway, it is completely up to you. The NK server does have some plug-ins implemented to help with potential greifings, we have added these plug-ins just to be safe, it never hurts to be cautious.

The current server owner is KoobyRoory and to help him with the server is his right-hand man Sir_Cam. If you have any questions at all they can be directed towards Kooby or Cam or it can be sent to our email: Thank you for taking time to look through our site, if you like what you see and want to be apart of it please feel free to apply down in the form section below.

We did take a break recently but we are back and with many plans to make this season better than any other! We hope you join us this season! For this season we are doing a world border which is starting off at around 1k blocks wide and will expand to 5k over a few weeks.

Server Rules

  1. 1. No stealing!
  2. 2. Pranking is allowed. No TNT or fire, if seen there will be consequences.
  3. 3. Be mature and friendly.
  4. 4. No Racism Towards Other Players (immediate Ban)
  5. 5. No Duplication Glitches*.
  6. 6. No Cheating (This includes X-Ray, or any other mods/changes that would give you a benefit over others which you added yourself and are not server-side.)
  7. 7. No arguing with staff!
  8. 8. If you kill someone return their items back to them. Do not kill without permission!
  9. 9. No advertising other servers!
  10. 10. If inactive for more than two weeks (without notice), you will be unwhitelisted, we want to keep an active community on the server.
  11. 11. Do not horseplay (i.e shooting, punching, hitting) at other players without consent​